Selling in pajamas

A Home Based point of sale is what my home has become since a year ago when I started in the foreign trade advisory area by myself. But I still catch myself on spending hours watching FOX News reporters’ fight on Obama’s actions. I know it has to change but it entertains me a lot, No, I am not talking about FOX News’ positioning. I am talking about shifting the TV for that dirty little job you need to do, and just YOU can do!

I have been promoting my job in “pajamas” since three weeks ago, and while reading Simple Life magazine yesterday night, I got seriously in doubt about it. Should I keep doing my job in a non-formal way? The author claims that for understanding the meaning of your life you should see your life from a different perspective. I confess that I just understood what he was trying to say after carefully analyze the images of the article. (See one of those above)

I unsuccessfully tried to catch some sleep after that reading, but that question was ruining my night. So, the best to do would be reviewing what I got from this new way of work. I quickly got some scary answers and when I woke up this morning I swore I would change because as time was going by, my will of doing what I love to do was fading away, and this is all about what life means, my loves, my targets…

I have to say that I am in pajamas right now, but I am about to go bed again, and I am seriously focusing my targets again! Hope it works!
Have you been in the same situation? Share your experience with us!

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2 thoughts on “Selling in pajamas

  1. Gostei do artigo, não sou de muitas palavras, mas… Thank you!

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